My Debut

Welcome to UK Treasure Trove – a place where I share my thoughts, book reviews and items for sale! I hope it’s not just been a case of you stumbling across this blog, but if it is, stick with me as I start this new adventure. You guessed it, blogging is relatively new to me (I know I’m jumping on a bandwagon a ‘leetle’ late), so this might be a case of trial and error. Your comments and tips will be greatly appreciated!

Happy Reading!!

P.S. Tips on how to make the site pretty, avatars etc won’t go unheeded


About uktreasure

Passion for reading and gadgets. Currently love all things Kindle - yes it travels with me most places. Attempting to downsize so also trying my hand at selling items on eBay and Amazon Marketplace

One response to “My Debut”

  1. woosha8 says :

    Hi there, you asked for tips on layout etc…you could go into ‘Themes’ and choose a nice one from there..there are loads of really stylish ones.

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