Taking Charge by Mandy Baggot – The Review

Did you get your hands on this hunky fella’ yesterday? If not, be sure to head over to Amazon to get your copy of Taking Charge today. This was a much anticipated book for me, and Mandy together with the teams at loveahappyending.com and Sapphire Star Publishing have done a fantastic job of publicising the book and getting readers involved (more on that later).

In Taking Charge, we meet our heroine sassy Robyn Matthers at the airport, heading back home to Portage, having been living in the UK for the last 9 years. A mishap with her carryon and Bam! she runs into him on the left – the gorgeous Cole Ryan. Within minutes (let’s put it down to nerves) we know she’s headed back home to look after an ailing father, his rundown roadhouse and the town’s ice hockey team. Robyn embraces these challenges with gusto – no questions asked…and along the way maybe falls in love. Personally I think this is one of the feistiest female characters Mandy has written, but don’t be fooled, Robyn may come across as having lots of chutzpah, wanting no needing to take charge, but beneath that bravado is a young woman trying to deal with a difficult past, in the only way she knows how.

I seem to have taken the spotlight off of our hero. What shall I tell you about Cole? Tall, dark and handsome – a bit Freddie Prinze Jr like, hockey player extraodinaire, closet geek (yep this side of him took me by surprise), dealing with his own drama and he cooks and cleans! He might like to sell himself as a hot dog eating, beer guzzling ‘Jack the lad’, but he’s smart, talented and sensitive. Very quickly he becomes ensconced into Portage life, but you probably have little choice when a whirlwind like Robyn careens into your life.

Comedy and quirky characters are a plenty in this book. Look out for the Twilight twins, kind hearted Uncle Bob, bleach blonde Nancy and the forever coughing Max to name a few.

Taking Charge isn’t just a romantic comedy (although it ticks that box too), but deals with far deeper, darker issues, which I think have been tackled both realistically and sensitively. Without giving too much away I found it really hard to read Robyn’s interview with Trudy –  it was like the literary  equivalent to watching a scary movie through your fingers! Mandy’s writing style has matured in this book and there is far more depth to her characters, most of whom you can’t help but fall in love with. 5 stars for me!

I’ve really enjoyed the marketing of this book; getting to meet Cole Ryan on twitter, reading the interview with The Portage Panthers, Mandy’s singing and the #TCparty yesterday. Well done to all involved and I wish Lady Baggot the very best.


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2 responses to “Taking Charge by Mandy Baggot – The Review”

  1. Linn B Halton (@LinnBHalton) says :

    Fabulous review – I’m a Lady Baggot fan myself and Cole Ryan is such a hunk!

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