Patisserie Lover’s Dream

Check out this cupcake poem by @woosha8

Patisserie Lover’s Dream.


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Passion for reading and gadgets. Currently love all things Kindle - yes it travels with me most places. Attempting to downsize so also trying my hand at selling items on eBay and Amazon Marketplace

6 responses to “Patisserie Lover’s Dream”

  1. woosha8 says :

    Thanks for your post!

    • uktreasure says :

      You’re welcome x

      • woosha8 says :

        Have followed you now so will keep a tab on your reviews..
        That cake on your photo looks delicious – inspiring more food poetry and hunger pangs…x

      • uktreasure says :

        Lol – it was scrumptious. Red velvet fancy courtesy of my talented cousin, who decided to share. I’m following you too, so looking fwd to your food related poetry 😉

  2. woosha8 says :

    Most of what I’m currently writing is non-food related, although this has been a particular favourite with people I know, they’re always mentioning it and giving me a sort of wink as they do, so should write some more as part of a theme/sequence maybe? Please add me on Twitter @woosha8

  3. woosha8 says :

    Reblogged this on World of Woosha.

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