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Did You Say Cupcake?

I’ve never reviewed a poem (well unless you count my GCSE English Lit coursework), so I will forewarn you if you’re expecting a highbrow piece commenting on form, analogies and allegory, you will be sorely disappointed. I have however promised a review of  Patisserie Lovers Dream, so I’ll do my best to do the poem justice.

My fat cupcake,
with buttercream topping, delicious, no stopping
the sparkles and shimmies from frosting my fingers.

My fat cupcake,
with inviting icing and piste tantalising
as I finger it open, the edges unbroken.

My fat cupcake,
it swirls to a peak, its icing tongue-teased,
vanilla pod lingers, lips slowly licked pleased.

Patisserie lovers dream. The title in itself conjures up a cacophony of images, colours and flavours; pastries, cakes, mousses, icing, chocolate and more. Enough to get your mouth watering! A baker’s delight. What were you expecting the poem to be about? I have to confess I knew it was about cupcakes, so I was more than motivated to read on.

This poem for me talks about that sensual experience that is, taking the first bite of a much longed for cupcake. The repetitive nature of the first line of each verse, emphasizes the subject of the poem and was in contrast to the great visual imagery used to describe the experience. I enjoyed reading how the frosting was likened to a ski slope, swirling to a peak. And who doesn’t occasionally lick the icing, after all isn’t it the best part? This poem had me craving sweet delights and I’m sure it will you too.

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Patisserie Lover’s Dream

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Patisserie Lover’s Dream.